Adventures in music…

So do you know St. Paul and the Broken Bones? If not… try this.

I ran across their music a month or so ago. I can’t exactly remember how, but I think maybe it had to do with an episode of World Cafe… At any rate I downloaded the album and have been happily listening.  Then last Wednesday I was driving around and heard an announcement on the local public radio station that they would be at the Beaufort Music Festival on Friday evening. And, as I later found out, it was a free show. So I sent a quick email to see who was up for an impromptu adventure and right after work on Friday we were off on the hour and a half drive to Beaufort.

And what a show it was. An outdoor show on a beautiful evening in a great town by the water. And St. Paul and the Broken Bones are a great live band. As Paul Janeway, the lead singer, said, the hard part of recording albums for them is getting the record to sound like the live show.

Buy the album and keep an eye out for a show near you.

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