An unplugged weekend (almost)…

What a grand weekend. Hiking around Pilot Mountain State Park and visiting TV Americana (the nearby Mt. Airy being Mayberry and Pilot Mountain being Mount Pilot). But mostly it was just being away from the daily that made it great. Hiking Saturday I took my phone for the GPS functionality and then found out I was out a range. What a great thing to discover. And it made me think about unplugged weekends.

I have read about unplugged time away from good sources (among them Whitney James and several others whose thoughts I have lost to the depths of the internet) and though I am not hyper connected (I don’t think) I am certainly a citizen of the ‘net. But this weekend has me contemplating a plan to unplug fully on my next trip. What I didn’t do this time that I will for a formally disconnected weekend:

  1. Let people know I will not be on email for a couple days.
  2. Download any map or other GPS items I may need before hand (including geocaches to hunt).
  3. Make sure I have paper maps for hikes.

It is such a relaxing time away from the myriad of constant mini-distractions that connections create for you all day long. I even learned to live with questions I couldn’t immediately Google. And, surprisingly, the world managed to spin for 48 hours without me.

Yeah, I’m gonna do that again.

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