And this is what is sounds like when men cry…

So its 9:15 on a Friday morning and there I am getting my hands wrapped for a workout at TITLE Boxing. If you haven’t tried this you really should. (And the first one is free, too.) If you have tried it, you know what is coming next… the toughest hour long workout I think I have ever done.

Here is the drill:

  • The first 15 minutes is a warm up. After stretching, jogging, calisthenics, jumping jacks, lunging and squats I thought the workout could be done and it would have been a good day. But no.
  • The middle 30 minutes is on the bag. This consists of three minute rounds that include basic boxing combinations followed by a one minute “active rest.” This gives you a break (sort of), while keeping your heart rate up.
  • And the last 15 minutes is a core workout disguised as a cool down.

I am a middle of the pack athlete. I have done a marathon, several halves and tris (sprint and olympic). I only say that only to say that this wasn’t my first workout, I wasn’t coming off the couch. And this worked out wore me out. Really. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot. I dare ya.

And oh yeah, I will never look at boxing the same again.

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