Another great day (and it ain’t over)

OK, since we last spoke…

If you haven’t been without cell service in while you should try it. And I am not talking about just shutting your phone off. I mean really… no service no matter what. While I didn’t really mind the lack of email, there were a couple unintended concequenses. First was I didn’t have access to the weather. Hey, I’m camping, it is important. Second, no trip updates. Third and most important, when I got ready to leave this morning, no maps for the GPS. Good thing I printed out all the directions as a precaution. (Note: yes, paper maps are always a good idea.)

So anyway… dinner was a great campfire pizza. Take a flatbread (I used Nan), add sauce, pepperoni, sausage and cheese (or what you might like). Put it in a tin foil tent and on the grate over the fire for about 25 – 30 minutes and voila… wonderful pizza for one. But now it is getting late and I have no no weather app and the last posted weather forecast on the camp bulletin board called for storms starting at 8:00. Since it was now quarter to 9:00 and no rain I was skeptical. As the sun went down I saw stars and decided to take a chance and leave the fly off… besides, the humidity was way up. Thinking of rain and the raccoons from the other night I loaded all the food and other stuff in the car and took a chance with no rain fly.

This morning dawned cool, beautiful and dry and I set off on a 4 mile trail run through the park. The perfect park run in the early morning with the deer, next to a babbling trout stream was marred only by the deer flies. Why do they think that orbiting around you head (and usually crashing into it) is a great place to fly? Given the deer flies and the rising humidity as the sun crept up I decided to pack up and find breakfast on the road.

In Ulysses I found the Corner Cafe and a wonderful breakfast of poached eggs on toast and scrapple. I will not burden you with the overherd discussions of the new owners and the changes to the macaroni salad.

And so on to Watkins Glen, were I sit in the Crooked Rooster (home of Rooster Fish Brewing). This is a great little brew pub with a fine selection of craft brews. Speaking of which, here comes my order of wings and a pint of Firehouse Blonde… more later.

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