Back to Back weekends…

So there is this meet up group brought to us by some good folks at my local Great Outdoor Provision Company. The last couple weekends they have coordinated hikes at local state parks. What a nice way to get outdoors. It is a good way to test out some things (like new shoes and what to pack and do I really need a new day pack and that sort of thing) without really running into trouble. The advice of experienced hikers is good to have too. All in all very nice hikes in the Eno River and William B. Umstead State Parks.

And here is the added on fun piece. These state parks are located very close to urban areas. And that means breweries. (And OK, breweries tend to mean food trucks, so just all around perfect.)

So how much fun is it it hike for a couple hours and then retire to a brewery for rest and recovery? Its a lot of fun, that’s how much.

So over the past two weekends I have ticked a couple breweries off my unofficial quest to go to as many craft breweries as possible and revisited a couple faves. Here are some suggestions from the last two weekends if you are in the triangle region of NC at any time.

  • Aviator Brewing: Habanero Saison.
  • Bombshell Beer Company: Polished Pilsner
  • Gizmo Brew Works: Bee Keeper
  • Lonerider: Shotgun Betty (an all time fave)
  • Double Barley: Sparkky’s (can half and half it with Thrilla in Vanilla if you like)

And next weekend? Stew and Brew at Mother Earth and a bike ride to Duck Rabbit… hmmm… I see a theme here.

Go explore.

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