Close to home…

Discovery comes in so many flavors.

On a recent Saturday, when the weather was still seasonably warm, I felt like getting out. And since I didn’t have much time, I decided a micro-adventure would work fine. So I headed across the river with cameras in tow to take a hike at a park close to home. Well, more of a walk than a hike really. But still the point was to be outside and maybe get a picture or two. (OK, ended up getting one.)

I know the park pretty well and in fact had run a trail race there not too long ago. But as I walked down the main trail I kept seeing things that I hadn’t noticed when I ran the race. And of course I didn’t. We tend to see what we are looking for. And racing I was looking at the traffic, making sure I was on the right trail, making sure I didn’t trip on anything and so on.

But  I was reminded that each trip to a physical place we should remember that we are in a different, well, head space. And that means that even going back to a familiar spot can be a different experience. Don’t skip over the familiar and the known all the time in search of new. Some times we can find the new in the old.


Winter hike. #riverparknorth

A photo posted by Chip Galusha (@atochip)”>Jan 16, 2016 at 12:34pm PST

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