Day 1 starts slow…

To be fair, this is the 12th annual boat trip. Ok, so 12-ish. We can’t actually remember. (But it has been at least 12 years since Cap’t Rehab bought the boat and Bilge Boy and I were on the first trip when the throttle cable broke about 100 yards off the dock and we went to Norfolk with a brick on the throttle. True story. And that is how the whole string of trips started off.) Anyway there has been a somewhat revolving crew list, but Bilge Boy and I have been on every trip since the Broken Throttle Tour.

And so you learn a thing or two. One thing you learn is we are not getting underway early on day 1. Ain’t gonna happen. And mostly the reason is we don’t get to see each other a lot during the year and invariably someone is working right up to the last minute and the first night on the boat is dedicated to decompressing. And so we catch up, share a beer or three and we have learned. Yep, a Hudson Bay start on day one is a grand idea.

So the captain is off to wrap up a couple things at the office and I need to roust Bilge Boy because we have a shopping list that needs attended to…

Anyway, If you are on the upper James this afternoon keep an eye out for us. We are the big white trawler making our way to Norfolk (eventually).

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