Dehydrated snap beans and other experiments…

And the drying experiment continues.  I stopped by a local farm stand and picked up some snap beans to see how that would work for. I used a basic recipe from Pickle Me Too. I did cut my beans into bite sized pieces. And as for the spicy salt? I just mixed up equal portions of the ingredients and mashed them up. Worked great. So far I have used the beans for a snack and a addition for a grilled chicken and pesto dish I made and they are tasty.

As for the other experiment… I am in the middle of a wild mead fermentation. I found a source for raw honey and have a carboy of mead fermenting right now with no yeast but what ever was in the honey and in the air in my kitchen. I will be interesting, that is for sure. Also I talked to a farmer at the Umbrella Market last night and he said I can put a fermenter in his orchards. I am anxious to see how that might change the taste. Stay tuned!


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