Different can be better

Sometimes adventure is in looking at the same thing in a different way. And so I participated in last weekend’s Flying Pirate ½ from the finishing shoot.  After running a number of races and finally getting up the courage for a half marathon I thought that it would be fun to see how it is from the other side. And it is a lot of fun.

So the weekend started off with a nice social 22.5 mile bike ride at the Kinston BBQ festival (which is a great way to burn off a few calories that the BBQ will certainly add back on).  Neither the ride nor the lunch disappointed. Although I was reminded at spots how much smoother the road can feel in a car. 😉 Then off to the outer banks, which is admittedly something I will do on the flimsiest of excuses.

Saturday afternoon I met with Dennis, the race director, at the race office and talked about things that needed to be done. Based on my experiences, Outer Banks Sporting Events is in good hands. Dennis suggested that the finish line would be a good place to be.

Race day I woke up to perfect weather at the camp site (and there is another story for another day) and was off to the race. The weather held and the race came off without a hitch and I was in the finishers shoot waiting for the first runners to cross the line. It was a grand time handing out bananas and congratulations to the runners. In between there was good conversation with other volunteers and race buddies, each with their own story and reason to volunteer for races. Some were supporting runners, some healing from injuries but whatever the reason all were full of smiles and encouragement for the runners.

After the race had finished there was clean up (barricades don’t take themselves down) then off to the after race party. And you know… the after race beer tastes as good after volunteering as it does after running.

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