Favorite time…

I am sure that everyone has their favorite time camping. Mine is the morning. As much as I like staring into the camp fire I have come to look forward to mornings. Camping switches you to sun time (especially winter camping) and so mostly 10:00 is a pretty late night. Early mornings just seem to come so much easier and more natural.  And I like the fact that the things of living just take longer. No microwaves or fridges. Start a fire, make coffee, be present in what you are doing.

And so it is breakfast under the long leaf pines this morning in Goose Creek state park. A good and pretty local breakfast if I do say so myself. A couple eggs and some bacon from Nooherooka. English muffins and home made strawberry freezer jam. (Thanks Pitt County farmers market.). And of course coffee (roasted by my friend Brad but I don’t have a link for him).

So breakfast is done as is the washing up. Time to find out what today’s adventure will be. How’s your weekend going?

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