Finished standing up…

Races completed and I finished the way I like to… vertically. One could be picky and wish that I had run the half about 10 minutes faster, but it was Ocracoke and that doesn’t always lead to early nights, if you get my drift. Anyway, to be super racer or anything, but the training plan called for 3 mile run the day before the race, and there was a 5k also, so why not get two tee shirts. A tee shirt and a cause an I will run. (not saying that the beer at the after party is not an influence as well). At the pre-race announcements it was noted that the races raised a bit over $40k for four island charities. Good job all!

The camping was fun. The rain pushed off and only really interfered with camp fire sitting Saturday night. But that was probably a good idea with race in the morning and all. Always good to hang out a the Beachcomber. And as it was the first trip of the year Zillie’s was a must for happy hour (and unexpected bike tire patching). Let’s see… and there was O’Bar, Dajio’s, Gaffer’s and of course Willis Gupton. New to Willis? You gotta check this out.

Rats, now I just want to go back.

OK – off to see if I can find some cast iron to rehabilitate.

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