Fun with food…

So I have been playing around in the kitchen a bit and thought I would share.

First off, I like my dehydrator. I feel like everyone should get one. I have been making beef jerky for a while, especially to take on camping trips.  I like it and the raccoons like it 🙂  But I haven’t done much else with it. So I have set out to remedy that.

So far this week I have dried grapes and blueberries. Now I know I get odd looks when I tell people I made raisins, but still, it was well worth it. I bought a package of red seedless grapes, rinsed them off and stuck them in the dehydrator. Three days later and voila, the best tasting raisins ever. While they were drying I read about blueberries. Usually you blanch the berries (or worse, prick each one) before drying, but there was a post that said frozen blueberries will dry out faster and without blanching. Just happened to have some in the freezer, so they went on a tray as well. The blueberries only took about a day and they go great on cereal for breakfast. Next up? Snap beans. I am debating on whether to dry them as is or use a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Stay tuned.

And last but not least for this week… Honey wine. I know, mead, right? Maybe, maybe not as explained in the recipe I am using. , But at any rate, in a couple days we shall see how that experiment turns out. Check out A Life Unprocessed to see the recipe. I elected to go all wild with the ferment (no added yeast) as I managed to get my hands on some unprocessed honey.

Have a great weekend…

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