Happy 4th?

I do indeed hope you had a happy 4th of July full of all the things you like to do on a summer weekend. I found a fun thing. A friend of mine organizes a for fun trail run on the weekend of the 4th. Up till now it seems I always had some other commitment and couldn’t make it. But this year the calendar was clear and it seemed time to go. And what fun it was. We gathered at Goose Creek State Park and self selected into distance and pace groups. I chose a middle of the pack 5 mile group and off we went. The park is in good shape and the trails were dry and made for a fun run. There was a bike ride to Bath after the run that I missed the start of owing to being in the wrong place and the wrong time. So I missed that leg of the day.

After everyone had finished their runs and rides we gathered at a picnic shelter for a pot luck cook out. Somehow I got grill duty for the hamburgers and hot dogs. But no complaints so everything must have been cooked through. 🙂

After lunch there were options for a swim. I chose to sort of lounge in the cool water while others actually practiced open water swimming. Too much like a workout for me.

All in all a fun way to spend the 4th. I hope you had a grand weekend as well.

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