Hello geocachers…

So I haven’t done a search or anything. but I feel like we have talked about geocaching before. If not (or you missed that one) let me direct you here. Check that out and come on back.

Lately I have been working with the good folks at Real Deal Brazil on a geocaching team. (Good ahead and check that site out too.) And we are underway! So far there are three of us on the team and we are starting to spread the word.

RDB is doing a couple pretty cool things.

First, as you will notice on their website they have a weekly giveaway for an RDB gift card good towards stuff on their site. Members of the geocache team also have additional codes that can get you addition entries in the drawing, so collect them all. 🙂

Second, we are adding RDB wallets and gift cards to random caches where we have team members or where we travel. Now admittedly it will be tough to blanket the US but we are doing what we can! Your best bet is to follow the hashtags listed below. So far there is one in eastern NC and one in upstate NY. Our Kansas team member just go his supplies so I expect on in KS pretty soon.

You can follow RDB on all the social sites and make sure you look for #realdealbrazil and #teamRDBgeocache.

Cache on!

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