How is anyone ever bored?

For many reasons, Fridays and especially happy hour on Friday (the time, not the half priced kind) is by far my favorite time of the week. Generally work is done and the weekend stretches before you all plans and possibilities. Add in good weather and good friends and life doesn’t get much better.

Yesterday afternoon I had to drive to Raleigh for an interview (good news as this unemployment is getting harder to fund all the time). And so I figured I would explore what a Raleigh happy hour might be like. So what is the first order of business (after the job interview of course, which by the way I totally over dressed for)? Check out where the food trucks are of course! Full disclosure: they are often near breweries 🙂 But I needed a place to sit and do my food truck search. Well, lo and behold, I was not that far from Lonerider. And so the adventure began at the Hideout with Shotgun Betty and her friends.

At Lonerider I had a flight of their seasonals and they are delicious. I was especially a fan of the Tombstone. Also while there I downloaded the Untappd app to start recording beers and breweries. If you are of a like mind you should check it out. And also on the porch at Lonerider I figured out some further itinerary steps. Seemed that there was a food truck at Big Boss which was only a couple miles away. And so off we go…

Chatting with the food truck folks they suggested the flounder taco and I figured it made sense to follow their advice. So I got a taco and headed up stairs to the tasting room. Once again a flight seemed to be in order. And it was fun to try the different beers with the food. And yes, the fish taco was a good suggestion. Oh yes, on the flight: Diablo Blanco, Tail Wind, Warhawk and Big Operator.

Check the watch… Sure time enough for one more. There wasn’t anything close with a food truck. But there was a new to me brewery close and a pizza place on the way. So off to Sub Noir with a stop at Lilly’s for pizza. Oh and while you are wondering around Five Points waiting for your pizza, make sure you check out Crafty Beer Shop. They have a great selection and rumor has it they will start filling growlers in a couple weeks. I picked up a Mystery Brewing Evangeline for later and, pizza in hand, headed off to Sub Noir.

I just love finding new things. And Sub Noir was a great find. It is indeed a boutique brewery. They have a half barrel system but I hear plans are in the works to expand that. Make sure you check the web site for what’s on tap. As a fan of sours, I liked the Yesss, a slightly soured saison. And for my two cents worth they could sour it a bit more. But that and the Hi-Yo Saison went well with the pizza. This friendly little brewery was a nice place to end the tour.

Unfortunately I had a hour or so drive back home. So that was all the exploring that I could manage in one Friday evening. But I did see some new breweries and parts of Raleigh I hadn’t been to before. All in all a fabulous happy hour adventure.

Next up… The story of my first mead making (and a wild ferment at that).

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