Later is better than never, right?

OK, so I am a but late, but I am finally reading Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods”. I found a copy at a library book sale for $1.00. Felt rather like the literary universe was pointing out an omission in my reading history. And so, three quarters of the way through, I am reminded how much I love Bryson’s works and how sad they make me at the same time.

Yes, sad.

I am not sure how you can read his books (and I say this after reading 4 of the travel books) and not feel that we, as a collective humanity, a) live on a really splendid planet and b) that is it splendid in spite of everything we have done to strip it and turn it all into strip malls and slag heaps.

And yet, some amazing spots remain. And if I take anything else away from his books, it is that there are wonderful little spots where ever you are. This past weekend I discovered one of those spots. A local installment of an outdoor provisioning company hosts seminars and hikes and paddles and such and last weekend they hosted a hike to Eno River State Park. At first, the forecasted 30 degrees had me a little cautious, but I layered on some clothes and headed out to join them.

What a great couple hours. The weather was sunny and the wind was calm. The park still covered in a couple inches of snow and we had a great hike and I took some wonderful photos. Well, I hope I did. That is, I still shoot film and won’t know till I get it processed. (And there is another post coming at some point about the joys of film photography.) It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Finishing the day off with a tour of a couple new breweries didn’t hurt either. (But that, too,  is a story for another time.)

It is Monday, you have 4 days to plan your next weekend adventure. Get on it. (And if you are in eastern NC, we will be hiking in Umstead State Park on Saturday. Come join us.)

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