Made it to Maryland

And what a beautiful drive it was. I rode 220 most of the way and it feels like it came up a valley the whole way following a picturesque stream. The road rises and falls and twists and turns. Just beautiful. It was two lanes most of the way, but there was little traffic. I stopped and shot some pics on my film camera and I will post them, assuming they come out ok. Film is a lot of fun, but sometimes it is nice to have the pictures right away. On the other hand, have you priced DSLR cameras recently?

But back to our story. Rocky Gap SP is nice. Set in the woods like Morris Hill with a good separation of sites. I do dislike being right on top of the next camper. For the most part I think Morris Hill was a little nicer, especially in the tent pad department. But Rocky Gap has double sinks with a disposal at the bath house which makes dishes a breeze. So there you go.

Also there is a casino close by. And had I known that I may have changed my timing.

The only dark spot has to do with the cast iron fry pan and a less than adequately protected finger. But I wrapped it in ice for a bit and I don’t think it will be too bad in the morning.

Speaking of the morning, the plan is for a run in the morning then continue north to PA. But for now I will just sit here in the quiet woods enjoying my fire and a good cigar.

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