Making lemonade…

Well not literally. You know the old saying, an I suppose life has handed me some lemons with this whole unemployment thing. However, I did get a chance to spend some extra time on the production of Picnic I was involved in and now I am taking advantage of the opportunity again. Time off in the summer and the fact that the internet is basically everywhere (in case someone wants to talk about a job) have combined to give me a chance for a fun trip.

My family hosts a family reunion in upstate NY (this year is the 114th). I haven’t been in a couple years and this seems like a good year to go. It is usually a 12 hour drive from my house, but I think this time I will make it something else. Given that I have the time, I am planning on stretching it to a week trip. Why not? The plan is to start out in Richmond and see some great friends play music and volunteer for a tri. Then off to three or four state parks on my way to upstate.

So, more on the agenda as it develops and a daily review of camp sites as I visit them. Now I have to make lists and reservations and head to the grocery store and all that prep stuff.

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