May the fourth

The approaching of Star Wars Day has me thinking about holidays in general. And I have decided that I would swap out my holidays if I could. Let’s face it all of our current holidays are contrived and/or over commercialized. Maybe it is time to celebrate a day that doesn’t have an unbelievable, below invoice, crazy, never again seen prices sale. Words that would never appear in proximity to these holidays would include:

–          Slashed

–          Below Invoice

–          Bargain

–          One Day Only

–          Insane


My work gives me 10 paid holidays and if I had my druthers I would swap some out as follows:

–          May the fourth

–          Equinoxes (2)

–          Solstices (2)

–          Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

–          Pi Day

–          New Years Day (ok this one is just cuz everyone stays up late)

–          The Day the Music Died


Of course on WEF and DMD you would want to listen to the songs. And that is a good thing because American Pie gets played a bit on the radio but the Edmund Fitzgerald gets a lot less airplay than it deserves. It is a great song. Maybe not a Hallelujah, but ahead of Mmm-bop. And don’t let Hanson fool you, there is no shame in a well crafted pop song and even Stephen Thompson (of NPR music) says Hanson is an oft overlooked and solid band (I might be paraphrasing a bit, but he was very supportive. Seriously it was on Pop Culture Happy Hour.  Really).


Anywho… There are more and I will replace all 10 days.  Then who knows what… maybe a petition? Don’t push me, I just might.