Mea culpa…

So much going on and such a poor job of updating. And what an adventure so far.

As I type this, I have made it to Morris Hill Campground in western VA. Tent is set up and I made a nice Cuban sandwich (minus the press) for dinner. And now a nice cigar and a beer by the campfire.

So the highlights to date… Saturday started with a quick stop at a big yard sale to see if there were any good bargains an then on to a super farmers market. I had purposely not packed any produce, so this was a planned shopping stop. Got some nice stuff not to mention a bacon burger slider and a hot dog. I also got an idea to plan a trip around farmers markets and not pack any food, but just see what meals can be made from what I find. Stayed tuned for more on that.

A 5 mile walk around the James River Parks and Belle Isle and then it was off to see Richmond’s breweries. Hats off to Legend Brewing (, Hardywood Park Craft Brewing ( and Strangeways Brewing ( What a great afternoon/evening of sampling craft brews.

I had to make it somewhat of an early night (which was partially successful) as the alarm was set for 4:30 to volunteer at the I Love the Tavern Triathlon ( I spent the morning helping to make sure some 400 plus bike riders made a tough 90 degree turn on the bike course. No wipe outs. Then back to break camp and drive west and here I am. Tired but happy, by the fire.

So off to the sleeping bag as tomorrow morning holds a bike ride and more exploring. Another update tomorrow night from Maryland.

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