Well this has been a delayed post. What with job hunting and the occasional trip I have been a little lax in keeping up. That reminds me I should probably tell y’all about the catering job I got to help on in Ocracoke and Hatteras. That was a fun working weekend. But back to mead…

So a while ago I got my hands on some fresh from the hive unprocessed honey with the express purpose of making mead. And not just any mead, but wild fermented mead. Essentially this would ferment with whatever was floating around my kitchen. And that is a wonderful and somewhat off-putting thought. I mean the who idea of having stuff in the air in your house that will ferment stuff. Anyway…

Based on information from the Art of Fermentation and a recipe from A Life Unprocessed I jumped right in.

And the cool part is, that since it is a wild ferment, there isn’t that much to do. I liked Sandor’s comments about clean enough versus sterilized (I mean I needed the resident bacteria) and so I added 3 cups of honey to 3 quarts of warm water. Honey does not dissolve well in cold water. Once th honey dissolved I set it on the counter with a cheesecloth cover. A good stir morning and night and by the third day I had bubbles. From there I racked it into a clean gallon carboy, added and air lock and let her rip. It fermented about 2 weeks and then the bubbles stopped. Once the fermentation was done I bottled it in beer bottle and put it in the fridge.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It is light and slightly sweet and very delicious. I didn’t take gravity readings so I have no idea where it is alcohol-wise, but doesn’t taste very big. All in all a great tasting mead.

Next up I am going to buy fruit ant today’s Umbrella Market (the last of the season, boo) and try again. This time I will let it sit for the three days then rack it into the carboy on top of the cut up fruit and see what happens.

As always… stay tuned.  😉

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