I really enjoyed the #OptOutside movement this past week. Thanksgiving is great and there is a lot to be said for a wonderful meal and family gathered. But to then immediately slam that into a huge shopping frenzy? Too much for me.

Three years ago I started taking a camping trip for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Dinner with the family on Thursday and they off to the wild blue on Friday morning. The first year I was in a different State Parks every night. That was a ton of fun.

One of the parks I went to was Carolina Beach. Saturday morning I was up for a hike and ran into the the start of a 4 mile trail run. As it turns out, I missed the onsite registration deadline by 10 minutes. But I put it on my calendar and went back.

And I went back again this year. So that is the beginning of a nice tradition. I have a local turkey trot on Thursday morning before the big meal and then Friday morning it is off to Carolina Beach State park for a couple days of camping an the run on Saturday. The Wilmington Road Runners did a wonderful job of organizing the event, breakfast was good and the weather was outstanding.

I do hope that you have some fun Thanksgiving traditions and I hope this #OptOutside thing continues on into the new year.

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