Rainey day in Manteo…

I am not sure how the weather was on the sound today, but in Manteo it was a bit of a wasted day. We walked to the farmers market and thought it would get rained out. But it wasn’t bad. (Bought cheese pennies and oatmeal cookies.) Then a walk around town.

We tried to have lunch at Full Moon Cafe and Brewery but they were slam packed. Something about a rainy Saturday drove everyone inside. Bilge Boy talked to the Kitty Hawk Kite folks about the jet pack adventure but the price and weather sort of ruled that out.

So since we couldn’t get in at Full Moon we walked over to the Avenue Cafe and had drinks and appetizers. It looked like they had a stage so we enquired about evening entertainment. They didn’t have any. So Bilge Boy says, well would you like some? (And this might be something I should have said earlier, but BB is a professional musician.) They said yes and Bilge Boy and Cap’t Rehab were the live music entertainment for the evening. Interesting people to travel with for sure.

Managed to get a run in today, for the first time this week. A shower and then off to hear the boys play.

So now we have the gear back to the boat and are getting ready for an early departure for Ocracoke. The weather is no worse but no better. So we are looking at 10 mph winds and 1 foot waves. Not the most comfortable but not tragic either.

We shall see…

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