Smooth sailing…

Ok, not really sailing, but you get the point. What a smooth ride from His Honor’s dock to Portsmouth. In 12 trips this is probably the smoothest I have ever seen the water all the way down the river. And so we are tied up, feed and watered at Tidewater Yacht.

However, just because the water was smooth doesn’t mean the trip was uneventfull. Just around the ghost fleet we noticed a bunch of small boat activity. And as we were watching the action two US Navy RIBs pulled up along side and hailed us on the radio. Turns out they were conducting maneuvers and advised us to stay clear (we did) and offered to escort us through the area (we accepted). So for a while we had great entertainment with a fleet of little navy boats, helicopters and two Osprey’s flying overhead. Oh and as we passed Newport News shipyards we saw a couple aircraft carriers including the USS Enterprise. I wanted to see a submarine but no such luck.

Also we have a plan for the rest of the trip. With good weather we should be able to make Ocracoke for the weekend. And that is just a great place to be. Cap’t rehab is talking about and early start for Coinjock tomorrow. We shall see. Bilge Boy and I have become accustom to the leisurely starts we have been having. So we shall just have to see what the morning brings.

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