Summer leads to Fall…

Emotionally, at least, this weekend seems to transition from summer to fall. (I say emotionally because as I stood sweating in line at Lonerider for the 7 Shades of Betty it sure felt like high summer. But more on that later.) And so as I ran this morning I was thinking that this may have been my best summer in a long, long time.

Yes, being unemployed has had it downer moments, but it also let me turn a 12 hour drive into a 6 day camping extravaganza. So take the good with the bad I guess. I had set out to make this a more active summer and had planned at least one away activity a month. I didn’t go half of the ones I planned and found so many more things on the way top other things. Case in point, this weekend.

Oddly enough I didn’t have a camping outing this long weekend and so I was looking for little adventures. So why not bike 20 miles to Yoder’s for breakfast then bike back. Exercise and a big brunch blow out all in one. And then why not an incredible Varsity pizza and watch ECU’s first game of the season. (See a trend here?) And then we get to Sunday… Lonerider was having a tasting for 7 Shades of Betty. And truly, Shotgun Betty was instrumental in my trending from IPA’s to wheat’s as a go to brew. And was 7 different flavors! Off to the brewery it was. But here is where detours make for fun times. On the way there happened to be a food truck rodeo in Durham… and as fast as you can reprogram a GPS it was off to the surprise addition for the day. I love a food truck rodeo. But, and listen up all food trucks purveyors… at a rodeo, how about half price samplers? There is so much good food and you can’t get full orders of everything. Some how we need to start a crusade for small plate truck rodeos. Petition to follow. 🙂

Then back on track to Lonerider. And wow, as previously mentioned, was it a hot day. But perseverance paid off and there were 8 little fight glasses of Shotgun Betty (original, lemon, watermelon, vanilla, hoppy, habanero, raspberry, sour). All delicious in their way but the vanilla was the top of the list for me. Sunday finished up with trivia where, with about half the normal team and arriving late and missing the first round completely, we still managed to get second place.

Somehow that seemed a perfect weekend to transition into fall. And all summer has been like that. Heading to one thing finds another. I have really become a fan of a starting point and a direction. Destinations will find you. Just start moving and be open.

Here’s to a great fall.


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