The quiet of the evening…

And so another wonderful camping trip comes to a close. Tonight in Watkins Glen SP and then tomorrow off to the family reunion via the Saranac Brewery. But for now the evening is cooling, dinner is done, I have decided to put off the dishes till morning and the fire is just starting.

So after lunch at the Crooked Rooster I headed off to hike the gorge. What a great walk. The path climbs back along the gorge for a mile and a half. At the end? Jacobs Ladder, a 180 step staircase up to the to top of the gorge. But the time I got back to the car my legs were making deals to take tomorrow as an exercise free day. But the walk was worth it, the gorge is great. Beautiful with signs and explanations a long the way. A must do if you are in the neighborhood.

And so back to the camp some for dinner. And speaking of dinner. I was happily dicing veggies and frying the chorizo for skillet tacos when I remembered that the raccoons had eaten my tortillas. Hmmmm… Luckily I had one Nan bread leftover from the pizza and so that made an ok substitute and dinner was pretty good.

So now, a little reading while there is day light and a cigar when there isn’t.

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