The start of a new season…

OK technically there really isn’t a racing or camping season. And even if there was, I have done both already in this calendar year. And yet… Ocracoke will always seem like the season opener to me. This will be my 4th year at this race (I wish I could have made the first year so I could have run them all). Race info is here. And you may notice that they have added a half marathon this year. Yeah, I signed up. I am a sucker for inaugural races. And it gets worse. Some how I let myself get goaded into a 5k on Saturday and the half on Sunday. Peer pressure is a horrible thing.

So come on out and race. The best pace to camp is the Beachcomber. The facilities get better every year. it is nice and close to the starting line and after party and it is run by great people.


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