There and back again…

Oops, I think that title is already taken.

But at any rate the journey is done and all are returned home safely with stories and memories. Which is how it should be.

As it turned out the weather cooperated. Which is grand because that is one long stretch of open water. We left Manteo at 7:00 AM and it rained all day (and I do mean aaaalllll day) but the winds stayed calm and we had no seas to speak of. So while on the one hand it was 8 hours of wet and gray, on the other it was wonderfully calm. So all and all we were quite happy with the crossing. And while we were out in all that we ran across a pod (or two) of dolphins. They were moving the other way and we watched them as they all swam by. Then we noticed one or two swimming in our wake and right up to the boat. It was amazing to watch them swim along side and turn on their side to look up at us. For some reason, every time they looked up we all waved. It was a very neat experience.

And so we made Ocracoke by 3:00 and I am pleased to report that, even rainy, it remains its magical self (the ferry captain that just had to pass us in the last mile or so of the channel not withstanding). We had a grand time at Zilles, Gaffers, Jolly Roger and my favorite way to end an evening, a peebers and a wood fired pizza at Dajio. After the grand tour of the village we were back on the boat for a night cap and the last nights sleep on the water.

We were up early this morning and packed and headed to the ferry for a ride back to our cars. After 8 days at 10 miles an hour on the trawler, it was odd and a little sad to be back up to highway speeds. However, all is not lost. I signed on to help Cap’t Rehab cater a wedding, so I will be back on Ocracoke and back on the Synovia in a week or so. Now that is something to look forward too.

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