For the most part I like traditions. And this is one of my favorites. This weekend is my official opening to the camping/racing season. And it happens at the happiest place on earth. No, not that one. This is race weekend on Ocracoke. My tradition is to get the camping gear out of winter storage and head out to the Beachcomber Campground. The campground is situated right near the start and after party location and is a wonderful place to base an island adventure. The agenda is simple: get set up Friday, happy hour at Zillies, race Saturday morning (I am in the 10k this year after two years in the 5k), then enjoy Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

The car is packed and I cannot wait for the wonderful feeling of pulling on to the ferry early in the morning and heading out. And thinking like that led me on an online search to see if I could find my buddy Dave Pollard’s song Ocracoma for you to hear. And I did find it. Sort of. Ocracoma is the music track for this YouTube video. I don’t know whoever did the video, but it is the only full length version of Ocracoma I could find. So thanks, PSUfan#3, who ever you are. Listen to the song… (I was going to put a link here to help you buy the album, but I couldn’t find one. Leave me a comment and I will get you connected.)

Yeah, not much is getting done at work today.

Ocracoke here I come…

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