Upgrade your weekend…

It is worth the reminder that not all adventuring takes ton of planning and preparation. Sometimes all wee need to do is shift one part of our weekend to turn it into an adventure.

I reminded myself of that this past weekend.

I felt that I needed a camping weekend but just wasn’t up for a ton of planning and researching. I just wanted to get out for the weekend. So why not camp close to home? I think that since camping close to home and camping far away take about the same amount of prep and packing, etc.that we tend to want to make it worth it. If we are going to pack up the truck then we should go a long distance. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

Goose Creek is a very nice State Park about an hour from me and so I thought that would be a good place for a decompression weekend. And, truth be told, since I wasn’t in planning and prep mode, a Food Lion about 20 minutes from the camp site was a great option. So check the fridge, load the cooler with some stuff, add the camp gear to the truck and Friday afternoon I am off!

Set up was a wonderful time. There was hardly anyone else there, the sites are spaced out in the grove of long leaf pine. Time again slowed to camping pace and the rest of the world retreated. A light rain changed dinner plans to more of a dinner of snacks, but hey, that isn’t a bad idea sitting in shelter, watching the park darken.

Saturday dawned pretty and clear. My plan was to head out to Washington for the morning. First would be a nice breakfast at Rachel K’s bakery (I opted for the Everything bagel and coffee) and then a walk along the waterfront and a visit to the farmer’s market and a stop in at Patty Cakes for delicious goodies). Hopefully the market would provide for lunch and dinner. It was a beautiful morning and there was also the bonus of a car show.

Tail fin road locomotive.
Tail fin road locomotive.
Covair made a van?
Covair made a van?

So now it is lunch time and take out order from Bill’s seemed to be in order.

In line for lunch.
In line for lunch.

Hot dogs in hand I headed back to the campsite.

After lunch the timing was just right for a nap. Naps are just another great part of camping and the change of pace. After that a bike ride around the park and soon it is time to start the fire for dinner. I did manage to get through the whole weekend without setting up the stove. I was rather happy with that.

Sunday morning was a nice lazy breakfast and then packing up. And I was back home by early afternoon. Plenty of time to get ready for the coming week.

And here is the interesting thing. Sure, I could have done all that stuff without camping, Washington is maybe a 45 minute drive. I can visit anytime. But this visit was different. I came from a camp site and was going back to a camp site. My head was in a different space. I wasn’t thinking about everything I had to do when I got back home. Washington was the same, but I was different. And that is the point, isn’t it. That is why we adventure and that is why we need to not neglect changing our point of view even on stuff that is normal and close to home.

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