Well then…

I suppose a rainy marina is a good place and time to update the adventure tale. Yes, rain. Into every trip a little rain must fall, I suppose.

The day started off ok. We got off a bit later than expected but figured it would all work out. Well. Once out into the Albemarle Sound the wind picked up. We were expecting a bit of wind from the south and maybe 1 foot waves. What we got was wind from more like the southeast and maybe 2 foot chop. This can put the waves on the beam and be uncomfortable and so we ended to with a couple large tacks. Then the rain started. Driving rain with maybe 100 feet visibility led us in the last hour or so to Manteo. Thankfully the dock master was able to give us the head of a T-dock and Bilge Boy and I tied up in the pouring rain. Yeah, one for the advantages of being captain is you get to stay dry in the wheel house while the boat gets tied up.

Anyway so now here we are. Looks like First Friday in Manteo is rained out… Hmm whatever shall we do? (Besides boat chores, I mean.)

Oh and PS tomorrow looks worse. I think Ocracoke is on hold at the moment.

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