When the past comes alive…

So this morning started with a bike ride from the campsite across Gathwright Dam. I know the six miles don’t seem like much but the over 1,000 ft climb gave this Flat Carolina boy something to think about.

And then off to Hot Springs (www.discoverbath.com). I lived here (twice, actually) in the late 80’s to early 90’s. I have been trying to recall, but I don’t think I have been back since I moved out. What a grand place. It was great to see what has changed and what hasn’t. I drove pat old houses, places I worked and places I played. A simply great day.

I think it is equally amazing how much you remember and how much you forget. And then it is fun to feel how fast the names and memories come back. I stopped by the Chamber and talked with a lovely lady about people and places from long ago. I thought about people who’s names hadn’t crossed my mind in 20 years. Then I found out they have a triathlon (setupevents.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=event_detail&eventID=2566) which I missed by a week and so I am already plotting to come back next year.

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