Why a Hudson Bay start you ask?

And such a good question it is too.

We left out of the Richmond Yacht Basin more or less on schedule. First stop about two hours down river for fuel. Everything is going fine until we leave Jordan Point and then, well, kind of boom. The engine temp gauge goes sky high. So we drop the hook on the edge of the channel and pull up floor boards. As it turns out a clamp broke on the fresh water side of the hear exchanger. Not a bad repair as they go. If we weren’t rolling in two to three foot chop and if we had a big enough clamp. We were, and we didn’t.

A quick call back to the marina and a part and a mechanic are dispatched. But it wouldn’t be a boat trip if it was that easy.

With the wind pushing one way and the tide the other way we were anchored at an odd angel and as it turns out we got water up the exhaust.

And so after the mechanic hand cranked the engine for a bit and drained the water, the big Detroit diesel restarted. Given that prudence dictates an oil change after something like that, and the mechanic noticed the belts that drive the water pump were a bit loose, discretion won the day and we headed back to home port for repairs and a restart in the morning.

So here we are, Bilge Boy is off chasing parts and pizza and Cap’t Rehab and I are cleaning up and doing odd jobs around the boat. Tomorrow is a new day and we will try again. What can I say. It’s a boat trip. This is how it works.

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